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How to choose the best colours theme for web pages

Colours play an extremely important role in the user experience. Colours are important to make the web page visually more appealing. However, colours are not just about the appearance. They need to be chosen from the practical perspective as well. For example, if the background colour is too bright it will not be easy to read the text. Therefore, colours are important from the legibility perspective as well. Also, they can be used to emphasize certain elements such as call to actions. Colours can also help divert the attention of the user to a particular element on the web page. Here is how you should choose the colours.

Colours have psychological impact

It has been proven that the colours have a psychological impact on the human minds. Long before web designing cam into picture, the colours were used by the experts to influence people in many ways. With web design, there are certain colour-standards that most of the people like to hold on to. This is because these standards and practices have been tried and tested over time. For example, blue colour is the colour of trust. This colour subconsciously generates the feeling of trust. This is why you see many banks use this colour. Also, top social media websites also use this colour quite prominently.

Use the natural colors

While choosing the colours for the web design, choose the palette with the natural colours. They are much more effective. You can use various combinations of the natural colours to elicit desired responses from the users. Bright and striking colours may grab the attention of the users quickly but they are not very warm or welcoming. They also cause fatigue to the eye. The choice of the natural colour also depends a great deal upon the niche of your website. For instance, if you have a recipe or food related website you would want to use yellow colour generously.

Use the contrast effectively

It is not just about choosing the colour; it is also about contrasting it well. As abovementioned, the background colour will affect the text readability. For example, if you have white text on the yellow background, it would be very hard to read. Black text over white background is the most readable. This is why it is extensively used across most of the websites. But when you want to bring certain element to attention, you can use bright and striking colours.

Leave ample amount of white space

This is one thing that many web designers tend to overlook. The white space on the web pages can help create an uncluttered and clean look. If the elements are too tightly placed against each other the web page will look messy. You don’t have to pack everything on the same page. Use whitespace strategically and create a fine looking web page.

Understand the audience

What kind of target audience you plan to cater to also determines your colour choice. For example, for a corporate website you would want to choose muted, neutral colours. For the web design targeting teenagers or kids you may want to use vivid, vibrant colours.

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