Solve Every Puzzle in The Talos Principle

Solve Every Puzzle in The Talos Principle

By Konrad Kucharski & GRY-Online S.A.

  • Release Date: 2015-02-01
  • Genre: Games
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The guide to The Talos Principle will help you easily complete the game. It will guide you through every level of the game and will help you in solving all puzzles. You won't need to worry about any puzzles. The solution to every single one of them can be found in this walkthrough. Here you will find detailed advices about items and their practical use. Thanks to this guide, you won't get lost in game world. You will find how to speed up the process of solving the puzzles. Thanks to general hints, you won't be wasting your time on learning the basic rules that makes the playing easier. The Talos Principle is a logical game that consists of few worlds. It is a game created by Croteam studios, known for Serious Sam series. The player can choose the order in which he will solve the puzzles, but to get further a specific amount of sigils or other elements found in the game is required. If you like the Portal series, this game is for you. You will spend a lots of interesting moments with this game. Hours of strenuous mental work while solving the puzzles created by the developers awaits you. If you like challenges, there is no doubt that you will find them in this game. To complete the game in 100%, you will be required to get to the top of your logical thinking. Since first moments, the game makes a good impression and doesn't bore you after first minutes. Have fun! 
The guide for The Talos Principle contains:
- A detailed walkthrough of the game
- Solution to all the puzzles, location of the sigils and the stars
- Description of all the riddles
- Information about the items available in the game
- General hints that will make solving the puzzles faster
- All possible endings
- System requirements that will tell you whether the game will run on your computer.
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