The Joy of Professional Learning - The Games Edition

The Joy of Professional Learning - The Games Edition

By Kurt Klynen, Cheryl Davis, Camilla Gagliolo, Jason Kathman, Christine Klynen, Johan Andersson, Katie Morrow & Marjan van de Vrie

  • Release Date: 2017-06-07
  • Genre: Education
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This book introduces twenty recipes that are a playful approach to professional learning. They represent what our team has learned over more than a hundred years of combined experience in education. We organized our book by the sort of materials each recipe requires (boards, cards, dice and quizzes). When you are creating learning experiences for your staff, many of the recipes could be mixed up a little.
While this book is not a complete guide, it does explain the value of each recipe, and it will help you understand what it takes to implement innovative professional learning. Throughout the book, you’ll find links to resources, ways to contact to our team, and even an interactive game generator.