A Calculated Risk

A Calculated Risk

By Katherine Neville

  • Release Date: 2015-07-21
  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers
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A female computer expert at the world’s largest bank plans the perfect heist in this New York Times Notable Book from the #1 international bestselling author of The Eight
Verity Banks is the one of the most powerful women in finance, but she still reports to a man. Her boss not only refuses to implement her security plan to safeguard customers’ deposits, he also sabotages her shot at becoming director of security at the Federal Reserve. Outraged, Verity decides to take revenge by hitting her boss where it will hurt the most: right in his company’s balance sheet. She is about to begin her assault when she hears from the last person she ever expected to see again, Zoltan Tor.
A brilliant computer scientist who taught Verity everything she knows, Zoltan will help her if she agrees to an outlandish wager: Which of them can steal $1 billion, invest it to make $30 million in three months, and return it before anyone notices? Verity can use a computer; Zoltan will do it the old-fashioned way. To beat Zoltan at his own game, Verity will risk her fortune, her professional reputation—and her life.
This ebook features an illustrated biography of Katherine Neville including rare images from her life and travels.
“Never a dull moment . . . Neville’s book churns up wave after wave of excitement. . . . Ms. Neville makes it all the more plausible because of her intimate knowledge of how international banking works.” —TheNew York TimesBook Review
“Brimming with adventure and romance.” —Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
“A dizzying, enjoyable caper . . . After reading this hard-to-put down thriller, you may put all your money in your mattress.” —Los Angeles Daily News
“Intriguing and well-written . . . a high-tech, high-stakes, socially responsible banking novel…a lot of fun.” —The Washington Post
“Great fun . . . [A] lean, taut thriller.” —San Jose Mercury News

Katherine Neville is the New York Times–bestselling and #1 international bestselling author of spellbinding adventure novels. The Washington Post called her groundbreaking first novel The Eight “a feminist answer to Raiders of the Lost Ark.” In a national poll by the noted Spanish newspaper El País, it was voted one of the top ten books of all time. She has written three other novels: the New York Times Notable Book A Calculated Risk, The Magic Circle, and The Fire, the sequel to The Eight.
Neville’s novels, which have been published in more than eighty countries, have been enriched by her twenty-year career as an international computer executive and consultant, which took her to live in six countries on three continents and twenty-six of the United States. She has also worked as a portrait painter, a commercial photographer, and a model. To learn more, visit her at www.katherineneville.com.